Techniques on How to Wash Your Hands

Hand washing may seem elementary and second-nature to most people, but it's entirely possible that they have developed bad habits. Rediscovering how to wash your hands is an effective step to defend yourself against germs, bacteria, and viruses. Here are some great techniques for improving the way you wash your hands and to keep them clean.

Properly Washing Your Hands

There are many different aspects involved with proper hand washing. First of all, you need to have the right supplies. In addition to clean water, you should have either antibacterial bar soap or antibacterial liquid hand soap, as water alone cannot effectively kill bacteria and germs. You should also be equipped with a clean and dry towel, or an air dryer.

Second of all, be sure to lather for an appropriate amount of time. To wash your hands thoroughly, it is recommended that you rub your hands together with soap for approximately 15 seconds or more. Keep in mind that your wrists and fingernails should also be thoroughly cleansed.

How to Wash Your Hands

Why Wash Your Hands

As we are thinking about how to wash our hands, it is a good time to consider why it is that we wash our hands. Health, hygiene, and sanitization are all good reasons for washing your hands. They are used everyday and touch many things such as food, pets, and common items like doorknobs and handles.

So when it comes to how to wash your hands, also remember that when you wash them are just as important.